Bryony Whiskers

by Conrad

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Bryony never wears rouge in the day
Because she thinks it's tarty
Her lunch is paninis in a street-side cafe
With a decaf latte

And she was beautiful fifteen years ago
Yeah, beautiful – someone told her so
On bended knee asked to share her life
But Bryony Whiskers was blazing a trail!

Bryony smokes when she has nothing to say
At a dinner party
Her laughter's a forced indiscriminate bray
And so seldom hearty

But she had a spark fifteen years ago
It left its mark in her dreams and so
She wakes at night on the empty side
But Bryony Whiskers was chasing the grail

Bryony Whiskers, Bryony Whiskers, Bryony Whiskers

And even as she breathes
It's understandable
That something in her seethes
Like an animal
She almost can't believe
All the standard bull
That she's been spouting so devoted

Bryony lives for the thrill of the chase
Of a boardroom meeting
The pleasure she gets from the kill these days
Always seems so fleeting

But she had to be so much more than just a baby machine
Read it somewhere in a magazine
And now she's missed her chance
But Bryony Whiskers was never so frail

Bryony Whiskers, Bryony Whiskers, Bryony Whiskers

Still, she has her touchscreen phone
A boyish P.A.
And her matching suits from Rome
All in shades of grey
A sharp and frosty tone
She's been cultivating
Ever since she got promoted

Bryony drinks to keep the demons away
From her penthouse doors
At night there's no-one to be kept awake
Even if she snores

Bryony Whiskers, Bryony Whiskers, Bryony Whiskers
Bryony whispers no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no ...


released February 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Conrad Cambridge, UK

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